Sustainable Packaging Solutions

We develop, create, and produce sustainable and environmentally friendly protective packaging strategies that our clients utilise on a daily basis all around the world. We also recognise that it is our duty and responsibility to promote a circular economy in which plastics serve as a useful supply of raw materials.

Mono PP Sheet

Our Mono PP Sheets offers various use with its remarkable flexibility and 100% recyclable. Main applications include packaging, textiles, healthcare, pipes, automotive and electrical applications.

PP Barrier (EVOH) Sheet

With the growing demand for fresh and healthy food options, suppliers are in need of a way to meet this demand. This is where modified atmosphere packaging (MAP) comes into play. This packaging technology ajdusts the ambient atmosphere surrounding the food by removing some of the oxygen and replacing it with a mixture of carbon dioxide and nitrogen.
This process – sometimes referred to as ‘’gas flushing’’ – maintains the freshness and appearance of the food are preserved for longer periods of time, allowing for a more attractive product to be displayed on shelves and in stores.

Co-Ex PP Sheet

Co-Ex Sheets have the characteristics of Mono PP sheets but they have several important features. Most important of all, all additives to be used for the technical proporties to be added to the plates are added to the intermediate layers to prevent contact with the outer surface. In addition, in terms of visuality products can be produced on two sides of different colours.

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